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Prioritizing MDG 5.B – Working with University Students

In September 2006, the United Nations General Assembly resolved to adopt Target 5.B of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): “Achieve by 2015, Universal Access to Reproductive Health”. The four official indicators for MDG 5.B are: contraceptive prevalence rate; adolescent birth rate, antenatal care coverage; and unmet need for family planning.

MDG 5.B is key to: reducing maternal mortality, preventing unwanted pregnancies, curbing the spread of sexually transmitted infections, empowering women and girls to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights through greater decision making powers, and building a more sustainable world for all women, men and young people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or social and economic status.

UNHCO in partnership with International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is implementing a project to advocate for the increase in financial resources and commitment for MDG 5.B in Uganda. The key strategy employed is to work with selected university students, and youth in general, as advocates for a better reproductive health environment.

University Sudents at UNHCO Secretariat

Students from Nkumba, Kyambogo and Uganda Christian Universities listening attentively during a presentation. The students were recruited to advocate for increased reproductive health financing.

Currently UNHCO is working with students from Nkumba, Kyambogo and Uganda Christian Universities.   The young people from the universities are empowered to hold all categories of duty bearers accountable including policy makers, district leaders and other stakeholders.

The expected outcomes of this project are:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of sexual and reproductive health and MDG 5.B by the decision makers, general public and stakeholders
  • Empowered and active youth engaging decision makers, Government officials, local government in advocacy for increase in financial and political commitment of MDG 5.B
  • A strengthenedpartnership between stakeholders, donors, parliament and youth in advocacy for increase in financial commitment to MDG 5.B
  • Increased support by government officials, policy makers, donors as exemplified by increased resource allocation towards these interventions and policy regarding MDG 5.B at all levels
  • Ensured sustainability of the advocacy campaign, through the ownership and continuous engagement the young people

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