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Date postedAugust 15, 2013
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his Strategic Plan 2012-2017 provides a guiding framework
for the work of Uganda National Health Users’/Consumers’
Organization (UNHCO) in the next five years. It builds on
the achievements registered during the implementation of the previous strategic plan 2007–2011. In the coming period, UNHCO seeks to strengthen citizens’ voice in healthcare planning and delivery in Uganda.

This strategic plan is hinged on the theme, “Positioning citizens at the centre of planning and delivery of quality healthcare in Uganda.” In this plan, UNHCO seeks to strengthen its position in health policy formulation and implementation as well as the realization of the right to health in Uganda.
The strategic objectives in this plan have been carefully formulated to strengthen our efforts to empower citizens to articulate their right to health and to advocate for quality healthcare delivery in Uganda as well as to strengthen our institutional capacity to deliver these objectives.

We appeal to all stakeholders at local, national, regional
and international levels to provide the necessary human, financial and material resources for the implementation of this strategic plan. There is no doubt that implementation of this plan will make a difference in the lives of many Ugandans.

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