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EU, Makerere school of Public Health and UNHCO in SPEED-Result Oriented Monitoring meeting

Today UNHCO was privileged to receive Andronicos PHYLACTOPOULOS the European Union Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Expert for Thematic Projects at the UNHCO office. Andronicos escorted by Dr. Aloysius Senyonjo of the Makerere School of Public Health (MSPH) met with the Management and staff of UNHCO to discuss the relevance of the project titled: Supporting Policy Engagement for Evidence based Decision making (SPEED) funded by the EU and implemented by the two organizations to fixing the needs of the beneficiaries. As well as explore the projects’ results beyond training and advocacy.

Adronicos was pleased with the approach UNHCO was employing in the implementation process of the SPEED- project which includes the involvement of the beneficiaries, politicians and other leaders in priority setting for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Uganda. Further saying that these are good elements of project implementation cycle and can lead to good project results.

The Executive Director Robinah Kaitiritimba highlighted UNHCOs’ role in the SPEED project as: Building CSOs’ capacity to appreciate UHC and advocate for interventions that meet the health needs of the population, coalition building and management to steer the SPEED-UHC agenda forward, disseminating the evidence and to bring all partners together to design collective advocacy actions for UHC in Uganda and integration of the different advocacy action plans into partner organisational plans leading to sustainability in the project interventions.

The meeting proposed that the Management of the SPEED project revisits the visibility and advocacy budget.

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