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Welcome to our website:

UNHCO would like to extend its appreciation to Open Society institute (OSI) and the Health Media Initiative for the technical and financial support toward the development of this website. The website has been designed on a very interactive platform to facilitate sharing of health information. Our members, the consumers and affiliates can freely download and send us content to upload to this website.

While UNHCO reserves the rights to all the content to this website, please note that you are free to download and share the information with other health consumers.

If you have any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us – use the contact for to email us!

Also look at our photo gallery.

You can now access our tweets and follow us on twitter in one place!

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The Right to Speak Out!


Uganda National Health Users/Consumers Organisation (UNHCO) is a not-for-profit Non Governmental Organisation, established in July 1999 to act as a formal voice for all consumers of health related products and services in Uganda. UNHCO seeks to initiate constructive engagement among policy makers, providers and consumers of health services to advocate for mutual health rights and obligations for quality healthcare services in Uganda. UNHCO is at the forefront of policy development and represents civil society at the Health Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) at the Ministry of Health and Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM).


  1. And you can leave us a comment! Check it out. 🙂

  2. Hi Robinah and team,

    Great to see the website up and running. Its exciting.

  3. Wow a very nice website the whole picture of the community component is coming out.

    Thank you all for the good work.

  4. Its good news for consumers and civil society as UNHCO advocates for quality healthcare services in uganda.

  5. It is great to have a voice for consumers that specifically look at health and rights. We now have where to report and may be get solutions.

    We will also get different information on the health sector which is almost neglected

  6. This is the time for all Ugandans to think straight on issues concerning our health.
    Who should give us an absolute answer this time?
    What should we do as Ugandans who have come refuge
    es in our own mother land ?

    Anyway the time is now lets stand up together and do something.Fortun ately this unites and affects all of us .

    Please our governmmnet stop the Lip services we need commitment and take a lead now!!!!!!

    Thank you the consumers Voice.

  7. How can I join you people

    And this is a great job

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